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DIY Measurement tips

When Measuring Windows it is important take note that they are not always perfectly proportioned due to the nature of buildings as the foundations age and settle. This often skews windows meaning that they are not perfectly square. At East Rand Blinds we recommend that if you are confident enough to take on the task of DIY blind measuring and installing that you take our tips into consideration. Our blinds will be custom made to fit a specific area (window or door), even the slightest error in measurement could mean that your blinds will not hang properly. It could also lead to the lifting mechanism not working correctly. If however you would like to do your own measuring, please keep the following in mind: It is important to measure each window meticulously. Horizontally at the top, center and bottom plus vertically along both sides and at the center. Then measure diagonally too. These measurements will give you an excellent indication of whether your window is square or not. What to do if your window is not square? If your window is not square you should consider a face fix where the blind is fixed to the "face" of the wall. To improve light control we would recommend that the blind overlap the opening by at least 4cm on each side and at the bottom of the opening. In some cases depending on the blind you intend to use taking the shortest measurements of windows that are not square will often alow the blind space to operate freely. However we strongly recommend that you rely on our highly qualified representatives to come measure your windows if you have any doubts. Please contact us to arrange for a East Rand Blinds Representative to visit your home or office. East Rand Blinds takes no responsibility for any problems resulting from measurement errors, should the measurements not have been taken by a East Rand Blinds representative.

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