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Drop Arm Awnings

Our Drop Arm Awnings offer a wonderful sun protection solution which can be put out of the way when not in use. The awning cover of our Drop Arm Awning is fabricated from material selected and the valance is finished with loosely woven braid constructed of the same acrylic material as the main cover, ensuring a good colour coordination while following the curves of the valance design. The awning is normally controlled with a crank handle turning the barrel through a reduction gear box or in awkward situations can be operated by an electric motor from a fixed position switch or remote control unit. Depending on the width and projection, the fabric is rolled around a barrel of 70 or 80mm diameter barrel which has a groove for easy attachment of the fabric, and is supported at each end by coated cast aluminium brackets.

Retractable Fold Arm Awnings

The retractable patio awning is available in a wide range of materials to suit your requirements and taste, and serves as a modern solution to sun protection. All parts which go into the structure of this awning, such as brackets, arms, connectors and clamp assemblies meet the strict and demanding European ISO9000 standards. These parts and components also meet the “German TUV Qualicoat” standard for coatings.

SheerWeave Roller Awnings / Blinds

Outdoor SheerWeave Awnings are the perfect solution for enclosing your Patio space without looking like a safari resort. SheerWeave is an ultra tough woven fabric which elegantly encloses spaces protecting from the sun and acting as an effective wind and rain barrier. Our outdoor SheerWeave Blinds are supplied with high quality geared mechanisms which allow you to easily lift and lower the blind with detachable turning arms avoiding messy lengths of rope to tie up. These awnings can also be supplied as a motorised option so you can simply sit back and watch your space transform with the press of a button. SheerWeave roller blinds are also available for indoor use and provide a delicate touch to any interior design .

Acrylic / Polycarbonate Awnings

Acrylic / Polycarbonate awnings provide 99% UV protection and alow light to pass through, while remaining modern looking with their light weight appeal, They are a superb way to control light above windows or openings without detracting from the building. Available in bronze tinted, clear and aluminium shade acrylic or Multiwall polycarbonate boards.

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